The Hair Trader (Packaging Vendor)

The Hair Trader (Packaging Vendor)

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Please read carefully before purchasing this item as all sales are FINAL and no reimbursement will be allowed. 

Vendor Background

This vendor makes the following items:
  • Custom Paper bags
  • Custom Wig boxes
  • Custom Clothing boxes
  • Custom Gift boxes
  • Custom mailing boxes
  • Custom mailing bags
  • Custom Bundles boxes and much more
  • Custom Hang tags
  • Custom Gift cards
  • Custom Hair bundles Wrap
  • Custom Hair paper sticker
  • Custom Lashes Boxes


Background - The list above only represents a very small portion of the services and products the vendor offers. They are very good at helping you choose the right type of materials based your products and your brand. They provide a clear explanation of their manufacturing process and ask the right questions to ensure you are satisfied with the finished product. One thing that stood out to me is the fact that they send you a graphic design (patron) of the product (in my case paper bags, boxes and mailing bags) you ordered with all the agreed specifications before they print it. They also send you a picture of the finished product before they ship it to you.

What is their MOQ? - The first time I ordered from them, I ordered 500pcs paper bags/ 500pcs boxes. Therefore, they are open to a smaller MOQ but unit price is higher. I recommend buying anywhere between 500 and 1000 pcs from them if you are a decent size company. The bigger the MOQ the cheaper you will pay per piece.

Where are they located? - They are located in China

What information will you be providing upon purchase of the Vendor? - I will be sending you all necessary vendor contacts (A phone for whatsapp and an email address) via email upon purchase confirmation. Please ensure you provide an accurate email address upon check out for fast delivery of information.

What will I need to contact the vendor? - You will need to download the app called whatsapp to communicate with them. Also since you live in South Africa, make sure you keep in mind time difference before reaching out(they are 6 hours ahead of us).


When should I expect to receive the vendor information after purchasing - Please allow 24hr to 72hr to send you the complete vendor information.


By purchasing this vendor, you agree that The Hair Trader is not a third party to any activities involved with your company and the vendor. The Hair Trader is only selling you the vendor and all communications with the vendor will be handled by yourself. This sale is final and no reimbursement will be made upon purchase.